Weather Center is, unlike other weather widgets, not affiliated with any major weather website. Weather Center can take data from The Weather Channel, Accu Weather, Weather Underground, MSN, The Weather Network, Weatherbug and NOAA.

There are many ways to find out about the weather, and one of them is your computer.

Having an active desktop weather widget is great for checking the forecast before heading out, particularly if you’re old-fashioned (like me) and still haven’t bought a smartphone.

To be honest, I don’t know what the state of Weatherbug’s current , shows the current temperature, wind direction and provides a simple forecast.

The Forecast section provides a three-day forecast and links to a seven-day forecast, a weekend forecast and current temperature map (these open in your browser).

As you open the gadget a lot of information will show up like current temperature, pressure, humidity, visibility, UV index, Wind, Precipitation, sunrise, sunset, moon shape, location and the time when the update was made. In the extended mode, Weather Monitor 2.4 shows you the forecast for the rest of the week. Version 3.0 - Move mouse over sunrise or sunset into flyout for show day length. Version 2.3 - Allow to hide many gadget's elements.

It is capable of showing more weather details for each day. Version 4.0 - Change city finding algorithm because accuweather change API. Version 2.9 - Fixed wrong determine Moon phase into flyout.

The interface of Weather Center is about the same size as that of Weatherbug.

The name of the city whose weather you’re watching displays a the top, along with the temperature and current conditions. By default these are Feels Like, Wind, Humidity and Precipitation, but you can choose between 12 other options including Visibility, Dew Point and UV Index.

Details such as the time of sunrise and sunset including the average high and low temperature on that day, wind speed and direction, and the moon shape are provided. Version 5.2 - Added "pause before run gadget" #3 settings tab. Version 2.8 - On barometric pressure for inches include two numbers to the right of the decimal point. Version 2.6 - Move mouse over sunrise or sunset for show day length.