And the longer you stay with him, the more empowered he feels – and the more “jerkish” he becomes. He Brags About His Sex, Conquests or How Many Women He Has Unless he’s a pimp, there’s no reason for a man to talk about his women or how much sex anyone is having.

What I find interesting, and annoying, is that either these people have no idea that they are this way, or they simply don’t care.

Some even take pride in it, and wear that title as a badge of honor.

“A few awkward moments mean that you’re both invested; that you both want to put your best foot forward for the other person,” explains Feinstein.

Clowns, jerks, douche bags – any of these names will do.

Here are the seven "red flag" behaviors: Only a jerk--and an insecure jerk, at that--would attempt to make himself (or herself) look better by disparaging others. Jerks think showy watches, fancy cars, and expensive office furniture set them above the hoi-polloi. " The occasional expletive is forgivable but repeated use of the F-bomb reveals anger at the world and fundamental disrespect to everyone listening.

Anybody who throws something on the ground and expects somebody else to bend down and pick it up is automatically a jerk. Any customer who doesn't tip at least 15 percent (regardless of service) lacks either a heart or a brain. People who risk other people's lives simply to shave a few seconds off their own schedule are inconsiderate jerks. But dating experts agree that there are plenty of subtle signals that can be just as big red flags—if you know what to look for.After all, you are awesome, but he doesn’t know you well enough to know that yet.He Badmouths His Boss Everyone has bad days, but experts agree it’s best to beware of someone who spends the majority of a first date complaining.Even if his stories about his dysfunctional office make you laugh, him choosing to focus on the negative is a sign of how the majority of convos will go down in the future, if you keep dating.He Suggests Shots Along with talking about his frat and telling stories about wild adventures he and his drinking buddies have had, ordering shots is a sign that he may not be ready to settle down, warns Goldstein.