Your husband’s denial and avoidance is telling you how he feels about you and your life together. Communication is important in a marriage, but it depends on what is being said. Maybe he’s looking for a way out of the relationship, and he’s using you as a scapegoat.

You can stay up all night trying to figure your husband out.

Here are the most common signs a marriage is over, plus encouragement for the journey you and your husband are on.

“In my work doing marriage coaching, I have noticed that very often the turning point in a marriage is when a couple hits rock bottom,” says marriage coach Mort Fertel.

Feeling like you’ve hit bottom in your relationship isn’t necessarily the worst thing to happen.

Sometimes rock bottom is where you need to be, so you can save your marriage.

Time passes, and the stress of daily life and kids and jobs and money and house all take a toll…and you find that you’re not connecting anymore.

This isn’t necessarily a sign your marriage is over – it just means you need to make the time and effort to reconnect.Your marriage is normal if you’re questioning your relationship, because all married couples experience highs and lows.And, sometimes a marriage needs to hit rock bottom before it can be revived and rebuilt.It’s heartbreaking to think he doesn’t love you anymore. Yes, I am still your husband and yes, I still love you!But, his refusal alone may be the only sign you need that your marriage is over. Most importantly: what does your husband say when you ask him if he still loves you? ” However, if your husband blames you for things that are wrong in your marriage or your lives as a couple, then he doesn’t love you.“It’s not until they’ve been through the worst that things start to get better.” And, remember that asking ‘does my husband still love me?