What: Grenada’s eclectic and exotic underwater world is a first-rate diving destination that satisfies every demand; from 15 shipwrecks lurking at varying depths below the surface to an underwater volcano.Nicknamed the ‘Wreck Diving Capital of the Eastern Caribbean’, there are over 30 diving and snorkelling sites were novices and advanced divers are guaranteed an abundance of marine life and even the occasional whale.

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Take a plantation tour that brings the story of the cocoa bean to life by explaining how raw cocoa is fermented and processed using centuries-old techniques.

Visit the petting farm, stock up on home-grown spices, take a stroll around the estate’s beautifully maintained Sugarcane Garden, Orchid Garden and Blue Garden and sample a delicious selection of goat's cheeses at the dairy. Appreciate underwater art Where: Most of the best dive sites are located in the south of the island.

This stunning haven boasts an extensive mangrove swamp, a picture-perfect beach with a natural reef to protect swimmers and a wildlife-rich lagoon filled with marine life and bird species, including Common Snipes, Herons, black-necked Stilts and the occasional parrot.

Highlights: A huge draw for weekending Grenadians, the beachfront at Levera Beach affords dramatic views of cone-shaped Sugar Loaf Island, Green Island, and Sandy Island.

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Located at the edge of the Grand Etang Forest Reserve, all three waterfalls are ideal for daredevils who fancy taking an exhilarating dip in icy cold crystal-clear waters against a stunning backdrop.

Highlights: Whilst the first fall (Concord) is very easily accessed, the second fall (Au Coin) can only be reached on foot – the trek through the forest reserve and nutmeg plantation takes around 45 minutes. George’s Where: On the island’s southwestern coast.

Many of the island’s most salubrious resorts are located within walking distance of these fabled sands which stretch from Mount Cinnamon to the island’s capital St. There are plenty of small bars dotted along the white sands, most of which are open from dawn to dusk.

Highlights: Waterskiing, parasailing, windsurfing, sailing and scuba-diving are a natural draw, but it is also worth visiting the lively Grand Anse Craft and Spice Market located towards the north end of the beach. What: Set on a 395-acre plot in the northern reaches of Grenada, the authentic 17th-century working plantation known as Belmont Estate is an organic cocoa farm and cocoa fermentry complete with an craft market and gift shop.

The collection currently houses 105 sculptures including the visually striking Vicissitudes which was unveiled in November 2012.