She doesn’t have any of her own children at home anymore, and there is no reason for Meri just to sit around.The source said the family is in “survival mode,” and they bring a therapist along anywhere they travel.As the shared recently, Kody Brown has been allegedly courting at least one more wife, and the other wives are livid about this news.

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At this time, this has not been confirmed, but the renewal of Meri Brown has allegedly moved on and started dating a man who lives in Hawaii. Meri has wanted to leave for the past year and a half.

It does sound as if Meri is still in Nevada with the family at the moment, but a source says this new relationship is pretty hot. She’s done.” If Meri Brown really is feeling this way, she hasn’t revealed what is going on to her fans.

"I'm totally excited they're going to go into therapy together," Christine Brown says in the clip. Kody’s fourth wife Robyn Brown admitted during the family’s Tell-All Special.

She said, “That’s OK if Kody chooses a fifth wife.” Janelle Brown (born on May 6, 1969), is an American reality star.

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I’m sorry, but SWN is Down and will not be returning.Regardless, everyone saw last season that Meri Brown was pretty checked out, so it would be shocking if she comes back again.Do you believe the source that Meri Brown has a new man in her life and will be moving on from the Brown family?shared about the original rumors that Kody Brown wanted to find two new wives.When he married Robyn Brown, Kody said that he was not looking, but then Robyn came into their life. Now, the newest rumor is that Meri Brown has a new boyfriend.