It's not only possible to learn how to improve your social skills; it's easier than you think.

Imagine how much simpler your life would be if you could rid yourself of nagging self-doubt and have confidence knowing you can handle any social situation.

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I started a thread about introverts in which I was trying to place blame on my lack of friends on something out of my control. (This is even worse when you have children who have to be around you.) If your reaction is to feel sorry for yourself, you will talk about all of your problems and probably not give your friend a chance to talk.

If you feel like you would rather be alone at that moment, walk away and find a place where nobody can see or hear you.

You can develop the skills needed to start a conversation with anyone you encounter, deal effectively with awkward situations, accept rejection gracefully, and win the approval and appreciation of all that you encounter.

You will be able to read the body language of others, effectively solve problems, and develop the ability to diffuse sensitive situations with seemingly little effort.

If your words and your actions do not match, you will have a difficult time succeeding in social situations. In order to learn how to improve your social skills, you must become and great listener.

You must fight the urge to respond immediately and really listen to what the other person is trying to communicate.

Accept the negative feedback along with the positive and make changes accordingly. Your non-verbal communication is equally as important as the things that you say.

Positive body language is extremely important in your interactions with other people.

You can learn to become aware of behaviors in other people that prompt you to respond in negative ways and modify your own behavior to turn the situation into a positive experience. You must accept responsibility for your own behavior and do not fear apologizing for errors in judgment or insensitive actions.