(That’s something my boys need to work on.) Alright, are you girls ready for this? Ask them why they have it, and their answer tends to be something along the lines of: The truth is…

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As always, here’s Madonna herself enlightening us on what compelled her to write this next article comparing – from a women perspective, of course – the dating scene in Puerto Rico and the US, and the differences between Puerto Rican men and American Guys: I’m currently not on the island and you know what that means…a new article!

It’s been forever since I’ve written for Clevered Fool.com… I will say though, I’ve seen some really crazy shit happening in Puerto Rico lately.

Recently, I was in Plaza Escorial (Editor’s Note: also known as, Cacolandia) and I helped catch a pathetic, but good looking and clean-cut thief, who was stealing a “Totto” (hilarious) fanny pack (even more hilarious! As a reward, Wal-Mart gave me a $50 gift certificate because they were shocked that I actually told them… Anyways, here’s a list of the dating differences between Puerto Rican Men & American Men… They have their own style, persona, and a swag that’s so different from the majority of the Puerto Rican men here – another reason why I need to move back, but not before I take advantage of the island’s stupidity to reach that top spot on the Forbes 400 List… Puerto Rican men do not – I repeat, DO NOT – keep their nails neat or trimmed.

Apparently, most people here in PR don’t say anything when they see shit like that going on… By the way, that last whole scenario on average lasts a solid 5 minutes, so you better make ‘em count, girls! It seems that somehow, someway, they always have that one long troll-nail on their hand.

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and then you have the other extreme of banging-ass jeans amalgamated with the beautiful visual spectacle of some yellow-brownish stained undies, not much unlike this next illustration of sexiness…