Once you have chosen a file for upload or dragged a file to the app, it will be uploaded.

Upload times may vary based on your connection, the size of your file, and the number of files being processed.

If you dismiss the update prompt, it will reappear every 7 days.

When starting the Share File Desktop app for the first time, you will be prompted to sign in with your Share File credentials.

Accounts with View-Only Sharing enabled may share files as view-only, as well as customize the relevant options before sending the message.

A secure message will be sent via the Share File email system.

Once installed, the app will localize to the primary supported language of your Operating System.

Download the Share File Desktop App from the Apps page of your Share File account.

To download a file do one of the following: You may share multiple files simultaneously by selecting them and using one of the options listed above.

You can share files in one of two ways: Email with Share File or Copy a Link.

Latest Version - 1.11This app is available on all Share File plans. This app supports SAML login, Two-Step Verification, File Versioning, and Connectors.