They know what’s expected of them from the moment they start talking.

And a southern belle knows how to make sweet tea, the official drink of the South.

A southern belle is always well groomed, but she never clips her nails or plucks stray hairs in public.

When someone makes a mistake or spills something, they know how to cover for the person to prevent further embarrassment.

When a southern belle is invited to a party, wedding, or other event, she graciously sends back the RSVP.

To not send a thank you note is rude, and a southern belle will do anything to prevent being called rude.

A modern southern belle knows her way around the kitchen as well as her ancestors did. If not, she knows how to arrange prepared food on exquisite china platters and make it appear that she lovingly created each item from scratch.

Whether she is immersed in a career of her own or a stay-at-home mama, she still considers a good place setting extremely important.

A southern belle loves fine china, and if it has been handed down through the generations, that’s even better.

As soon as she gets home from a party or overnight stay, a proper southern belle will write a thank you note and get it in the mail right away.

If she is super organized, she may even have a pen and paper in the car and mail it on the way home from her host’s event.

" "Well, bless your heart." "Drop by when you can." "How's your Momma?