"I slap on some gloss, go grocery shopping, pick up a few items, and get a few phone numbers along the way. Unfortunately, the city lifestyle tends to promote quite the opposite in both sexes.

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As the real deal Benny I would like tell you about a significant new development. s competitive advantage with women I was hired to lead a team of the world?

s best management consultants and statisticians to develop a mathematical model to evaluate women, not unlike the sophisticated models used by quantitative investment funds.

Sure, many of us whinge that there aren't enough eligible bachelors in this town.

Television shows like turns us into a bunch of desperados, worried that if we don't find a man soon, we'll end up confined to a life like those on Wisteria Lane.

As usual someone has taken it upon themselves to pretend to be me (the pm post below).

This happens all the time when guys want to increase their chances with women.

All you women out there looking for Mr Right - he's more likely to be the person you noticed but overlooked.

He'll probably be in a mundane place doing mundane things!

But if they are actually out there, then what nightclub, online chat room or singles party are they hiding in?