For those here in Canada anxiously awaiting Santa’s arrival, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) – a joint operation between Canada and the United States that monitors airspace in North America – is tracking Santa’s journey around the world and providing up-to-the-minute updates on his whereabouts on social media.

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Backup and baby camera capable: Wireless cameras are available for the Drive Track Screen that are traditionally meant for backup assistance and backseat baby observation.

We have come to find that these can come in handy for keeping an eye on the dogs on the box, or roading out in front of the truck. "Turn right ON ELM STREET in 500 ft.")Voice-activated navigation (operate device with spoken commands)Traffic compatible (routes around traffic with a receiver and subscription)Lifetime traffic updates (receive free lifetime traffic updates)Lane assist (guides to proper lane for navigation)Junction view (displays junction signs)Route avoidance (avoid highways, tolls etc.)Featured Hands Free Calling Speed limit indicator (displays speed limit for most major roads in the U. and Europe)View upcoming points of interest along route Big game houndsmen have been asking for a larger truck mount screen for some time and this year (2016) Garmin delivered with the release of the Drive Track 70.

They also found a good shot of Atlanta’s Royce Smith’s FNOB. Not sure what the context is of this caricature of former Oilers kicker Tony Fritsch, but it’s glorious (from Gene Sanny). The Connecticut Whale of the NWHL wore military appreciation jerseys yesterday (from Zach Pearce). In a New York Times story about a barnstorming women’s hockey team, a photo shows one player wearing U of Minnesota breezers (from Tris Wykes). Roger Federer is auctioning off commemorative signed racquets in honor of his Australian Open win (from Brinke). Some have pointed out that Nike’s logo was riding high on their new golf shirts.

I mentioned in last week’s Ticker that Alabama has been letting recruits pose for photos in old jerseys. According to a graf buried deep within this story, NHL commish Gary Bettman is not interested in having advertising patches on the league’s jerseys. The Saskatoon Blades of the Western Hockey League wore green-trimmed unis for “I Love Saskatchewan” night. Great color-on-color game between the Raptors and Magic yesterday in Toronto. Michigan State wore “Michigan Agriculture College” throwbacks on Sunday (from Robert Brownie). The rest of these are from Zachary Loesl: The Knicks wore white on the road in Atlanta, and the Thunder wore white on the road in Cleveland. Speaking of Cleveland, Imam Shumpert wore his headband a bit higher than usual.

Preloaded Mapping: Enjoy the crisp detail of preloaded TOPO U. 100k mapping and free 1- year subscription to Birdseye satellite imagery to navigate your dog chase with the clear easy to read Garmin big screen.

Navigation Features: When you are not using the Garmin Drive Track 70 for vehicle dog tracking you can easily use it as a fully functioning Garmin GPS navigation unit.Once in the field we found the 7’ screen bright and easy to read with either our favorite the 24k map, or with the 100K topo map that comes included.We hadn’t utilized the free 1 year Birdseye View subscription that is provided by Garmin with the Alpha 100 in the past simply because of the small screen.However, we did find the free 1 year Birdseye View far more useful with the Drive Track 70.The new Garmin Drive Track 70 boast many of the conveniences of a standard GPS navigation system with one major difference, the ability to show your linked collars, up to 20 collars, on the 7’ screen with detailed TOPO maps.Plus, if you have a vehicle with On Star, you can check in with your system to see where Santa is in the world if you are travelling.