She hadn’t had much experience with sex, only able to release by herself. You better not be doing anything I have improved of!!!

” Britney said, drawing Jamie’s attention away from her euphoria, as the glass door opened, and Jamie went crashing to the tile floor, do to the force of her older sister’s hand. ” Britney screamed, lifting Jamie by the hair, turning her by the face, the two are now face to face with each other. I warned you once, now you need to be taught a lesson! As she walks into her room, she is suddenly thrown to the bed.

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Jamie-Lynn Spears: Celebrity Bitch (Part 1) by Jonathan Pieffer f/F, nc, spank, drug, first, fdom, BDSM Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears This story is fake. It has not and probably will never happen, but if it does take pictures and call me!!

The people in this story do not exist, any similarity to real people is your overworked imagination… No celebrities were harmed during the writing of this story, if their careers are in the toilet look to their parents or agents, not me.

Jamie-Lynn hated to be publicly punished, but her sister loved it and she always found a way.

Jamie-Lynn was so happy when she found out she would be left in her sister’s custody, she thought her life would be great…wrong she was.” ———————————————————————————————————— It all began in the summer of 2004, things for the Spears girls seemed to really be picking up, Jamie-Lynn Spears was the newest cast-member of Nickelodeon’s All That and Britney was set to go on her Onyx Hotel Tour, and unknown to everyone, she was dating he background dance Jose and was soon to marry him, both girls were on cloud nine, until on fateful night; It was a “Mississippi sized” rain storm, the roads flooded, and the newly remarried James and Lynne Spears are traveling down I-95, unable to see anything within a foot in font of them, when suddenly…Cadillac Escalade collides with a semi-truck, the car bursting into flames, the only survivor of the horrible scene was the license plate on the truck!!!

From now on, you will only be referred to as bitch and the only time you’ll be masturbating is when I’m doing it for you!! She looks up in horror, as she sees a large florescent strap-on dildo attached to her older sister.

She backs up against the pillows as far as she can, before her sister starts to torment her.Your mileage may vary, void where prohibited by law.If you happen to be one of the celebrities that are included in this story, please don’t sue me, I’m piss poor!!! ———————————————————————————————————— “The setting takes place in a better time, time where Britney Spears was not pregnant, and still had a “rivalry” with Christian Aguilera. She sits atop her knees, her hands bound behind her with rope that runs along her body, her mini-skirt, bra, thong, and “boob-tube” sit in a pile at her feet. ” Britney says annoyed, staring at her sister from her full-length mirror, as she brushes her long hair. Britney turns toward her sister, a scolding look on her face.“Jamie I’ve been waiting such a long time to do this, in the end…you’ll thanks me.” Britney says in a sadistic tone, twirling her sister’s hair around her index figure, and tracing the dildo around Jaime-Lynn’s “lips”, enjoying the discomfort it is causing her younger sister.“Don’t worry Jamie, not yet…I’m going to give you what I secretly I know you’ve always wanted.” Britney says, lowering her mouth to Jamie’s teenage pussy-lips. ” Jamie moans, thrusting her hips, about to reach her climax….”why’d you stop?! “This is punishment….you’re not going to release for quite some time I’m afraid to say, at least not while I’m doing it, now get up, it’s time to have some real fun.As her vision became clear, she realized what was even more wrong then where she was; her sister stood in front of her, in a leather studded bra, and crotch-less leather studded panties, with black matching gloves, her hair flowing down her back, and a riding crop in her hand. ” Jamie screamed, her face growing red, trying to break out of her bonds. I can do whatever I want to you, oh and by the way you did that to yourself, you were trying to fight me in your sleep.” Britney told her sister, her hand gripping Jaime’s face.