The manor of Whitmore has always passed by descent, never by sale, and the present owners, the Cavenagh-Mainwaring family, are direct descendants of the original Norman owners.

In 1546 the heiress of the manor of Whitmore, Alice de Boghay, married Edward Mainwaring of Peover in Cheshire.

The room contains a portrait of the Admiral together with a painting of the famous battle.

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Work on the house was completed in 1676, although parts of the building date back to a much earlier period.

In 1891 the heiress Ellen Jane Mainwaring married Wentworth Cavenagh.

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There are some good pieces of English furniture and family portraits dating in a continuous line from 1624 to the present day. At the back of the house is the curving staircase, now quite plain.

On the landing are the oldest family portraits dating from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Between 18 Whitmore Hall was let to the Hollins and Twyford families who remodelled the main interiors.