Yesterday Monty was lucky enough to go with James to a screening of the new Lego Batman movie - and he loved it!Especially all the fun in the foyer - he came back with a Batman facepaint, a snap of himself in the poster of the film, and pics of him posed next to a big Lego Batman.A source tells : "Gigi wants Kendall around all the time. We honestly thought that, after Nick and Olivia Culpo broke up, he would stay single for now, given how much he has on his plate.

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Nick Jonas and Kendall Jenner are reportedly dating, after being fixed up by Nick's brother, Joe Jonas, and his girlfriend (and Kendall's pal) Gigi Hadid. Of course, neither of them have confirmed the dating buzz, which was first hinted at last month when Nick talked about Joe wanting to play cupid and set him up with Kendall.

At the time, Nick said he "wouldn't be opposed" to dating her.

I am a pretty laid back kind of guy, not fond of drama and conflict. Just like any boy meets girl story, this starts with...

The first time we met we were both instantly in love, and very right for one another!

So the Wriggler had to come in with us last night and drove me mad with his wriggling and kicking off the duvet!

I do sometimes wonder if I am in some sort of strange hidden camera sleep deprivation show!

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