All in all, though, if you’ve changed your mind and no longer want to take the job, you shouldn’t take it as penance.

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I’m not going to have time to read the materials you sent, and I probably won’t be able to respond to emails quickly.

Jane and Fergus have sent me emails asking for immediate responses a few times, and called my cell phone when I haven’t responded immediately.” Then stop and listen to the response.

It’ll be a pain in the ass for them, yes, but that’s far better for them than you leaving after four months or being miserable for several years, and it’s far, an option to stay at your old job; if you’re a founder, it probably is, although that wouldn’t always be true for everyone.) Tell them ASAP if indeed that’s your decision and apologize profusely. (But also know that there can be things worse than a burnt bridge.) And then resolve that in the future you’ll pay attention to your doubts and not be pressured into accepting offers more quickly than you’re comfortable with — and forgive yourself for this one. People pretty much universally think that’s horrible, unless there’s the rare good reason for it.

Established in 1932, Deli Brands of America has a tradition of quality and value that is unsurpassed.

If you did and you felt comfortable, I wouldn’t necessarily throw all that out now.

I’d also want to know who it is who’s sending these “respond today” emails and calling your cell if they don’t get a fast answer. If it’s the person who will be managing you, that would worry me a lot — that’s the sign of an unreasonable manager who doesn’t respect boundaries. That would worry me less (and for all we know, they’re not clear on what arrangement you have with their company).

Your customers will taste the difference and come back time and time again for products prepared by Deli Brands of America.

As a family-owned and operated USDA processing facility, we provide delicatessen, steak, veal, pork, lamb and other specialty meat items nationwide to distributors, chain restaurants, retail foodservice and industrial accounts.

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