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All of the Swiss political parties, both houses of parliament, and many church and business leaders supported the vote for women. Tribune de Geneve said the referendum ended a status quo that had become "unjust, untenable and abused".

The poll was almost a complete reversal of a 1959 referendum, when women were refused the federal vote by a 2-1 majority.

'Children, Church and Kitchen' This time round, political pundits were expecting a repeat performance with the rural and traditionally more conservative German-speaking cantons resisting the proposal.

The cultural perception of women's role in society being bound to 'kinder, kirche und kuche' (children, church and kitchen) remains popular in the German-speaking regions. The Swiss Women Against Voting Rights Association campaigned on the grounds that women's responsibilities lie in the household.

In national elections later that year 11 women became the first female deputies to join the National Council.

There were no dramatic upsets in the first national elections women participated in - most tended to side with their men - and the coalition government at the time remained largely the same. In the USA, universal suffrage was established with the 19th amendment to the constitution in 1920.

So we are here because we are giving faith a second chance.

I wont like you to hurt me in any I am loving, honest, cheerful I was born in Russia but i come sometimes in Switzerland to visit my friends.

The change in the Swiss constitution more than doubled the country's electorate.