With all of this formality involved, it shouldn’t be surprising that when a date happened, it was clearly a date.

There was no confusion about whether or not you were just “hanging out” or if it was something more serious. In fact, if that initial date grew into “going steady,” that meant there was at least some chance you would consider getting married later on.

The casual nature of relationships meant that asking a girl out no longer had as much to do with getting yourself onto the marriage track.

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There was a time not so long ago when asking a girl on a date really meant asking her parents if you could ask that girl on a date. is that of a girl lying on her belly talking on the phone – or, more to the point, sitting next to the phone, waiting for it to ring.

These days, a girl might receive anything from a one-line text message (proper spelling optional) to a You Tube serenade, but her parents tend to stay out of that initial ask. Let’s take a walk back through the decades to see just how things have changed. Generally, it was polite to give at least three days’ notice between ‘the ask’ and the date itself.

In fact, a woman asking a man out in the 1950s would have been considered a little “forward.” This is why the iconic image from movies like Bye, Bye Birdie!

While this is still more of the norm today, breaking it isn’t nearly as taboo as it would have been then.

Communication in general has become entirely casual in both good and bad ways.

It’s easier than ever to send a text and ask someone out without the fear of an in-person or on the phone rejection, but it’s also far easier to end that relationship over Twitter.

Accordingly, brushing up on your polite conversation starters was highly advisable.

The casual dating culture ramped up in the 80s, so if you were to go on an actual date, it was generally a big deal – definitely something to get dressed up for.

Parts of the country maintained the traditions of the 1950s, and other parts surged into the new age of independence and feminism.

So when you ask, “How were girls asked on dates in the 1960s? In more conservative communities, asking a girl on a date still meant asking mom and dad and calling well in advance.

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