Asakura: I didn’t want to stop, but one day when I showed up at work, the office was completely empty. I’d just been at work the day before, but everything had disappeared in one night. Did my boss forget to tell me they were moving and give me the new address? According to 2010 census data, there are over 1,304,000 Japanese Americans (a number constantly on the rise) but unfortunately connecting with them is easier said than done. If you want to meet fellow Japanese singles in the US, it couldn’t be easier with Elite Singles.

The foundation of our matchmaking process is our insightful personality test - a set of carefully selected questions that draw on the theory put forward in Costa and Mc Crae’s famous ‘Five Factor Model.’ The test uses proven psychological methodology to decipher your fundamental personality traits.

That way we can find out what makes you unique and match you accordingly.

The job doesn’t require any physical labor, but I don’t think the pay actually accounts for the psychological strain of having to continuously lie to so many people. I was pretending to be a woman and putting everything I could think of into my emails to try to make guys attracted to me, but the supervisor training me was a young woman, and I didn’t like having her read what I’d written.

You also have a minimum number of emails you have to send each hour, and it’s a tough quota to meet.

The most effective method of sending emails was to time it so that you’d agree to meet with a client around the time his membership with the site was about to run out, so that’d he’d renew it.

But then, on the day you were supposed to meet, you’d have to think up some excuse as to why you couldn’t make it to the date…It’s tiring having to think up lies simultaneously for several different clients, all the while having your email log checked by your supervisors. Asakura: For me, the best part was the flexible hours.Every profile is manually checked and our team is on hand for any questions you have.Your privacy is our utmost priority so we use Manual Profile Verification, SSL Encryption and a Fraud Detection System to make sure members feel safe online.It’s never been simpler for singles seeking Japanese partners in the US. Elite Singles beats other Japanese dating platforms for three main reasons.Elite Singles takes care of sending you highly compatible partner proposals based on your relationship requirements and location in the US. With over 80% of our US members holding at least a Bachelor degree, our platform contains intelligent professionals seeking long-term love and commitment. Firstly, we manually check every single user profile to ensure that all members on our site are serious about the search for love.Analyzing what kind of email you can send to reel a customer back in, looking at that deep part of human psychology, that was interesting. RN24: In closing, would you recommend this sort of work to others? In other words, no matter which side of sakura dating site scam you’re on, you’ll probably be happiest if you can limit your cherry blossom contact to the floral kind.