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If you do accidentally fall for a rival fan you'll both have to exercise tact during football season.

No taunts when your team wins, no sulking when theirs does – and never ask your partner to swap teams for you, or you're likely to find yourself being substituted." The dating league table – who are the top flight’s most attractive fans?

Bradford says she wouldn’t immediately rule out accepting someone like a restaurant server, but, she admits, “I don’t know how many waitresses have Linked In.” “I think of this more as a power-couple app,” says Bradford, who speaks in a rapid succession of acronyms — HBIC (head bitch in charge), DFMO (dance floor make out) and HMD (hair and makeup done) among them.

“The mission statement of the League is to make Amal Clooney hotter than Kim Kardashian,” she says.

“I regret doing it,” says Shultz, a Dickinson grad whose cheekbones could slice an apple. “[It’s] just a more curated group of people geared towards our demographic, which is 20s and 30s and, you know, who come from a good family,” Shultz says of the ultra-exclusive dating app, which provides users with just five matches a day. “I do think the concept of exclusive, invite-only, hard-to-get-into, wait-in lines — it’s very New York,” says Bradford, 30, whose company weeds out the hoi polloi from the hoity-toity.

(The app, which is free, even boasts a concierge service that doles out dating tips and feedback.) “I think it’s a good fit for the mentality here.” Since the app launched, she has been inundated with pleas from the public.The winner of the play will accumulate the maximum points all through the season.The only condition to play this game is the player should be 18 years of age at least.One mom implored the founder by email to help her soon-to-be 37-year-old daughter who “continues to enter into relationships that have no long-term possibilities: men with children, musicians, foreigners, unemployed artists.” A 33-year-old man, and a self-professed “pedigree snob,” wrote to Bradford: “Save me from the Tinder cesspool.” A 20-something Vogue editor has had no fewer than six emails sent on her behalf (she still hasn’t been accepted).“We’ve had people offer to give us free DJs for parties,” says the 5-foot-9 Bradford, who looks like an extra from MTV’s “The Hills” and graduated from Stanford business school.The art of the sacred womb healing will be discussed by Chartreuse Tembo Barriere, an author, astrologer, and consultant.