They must have some luck, because almost the instant they sit down, two babes, a blonde and brunette, Kathy and Donna respectively, spot them.

You can tell right off the bat these girls have taste, because they don't watch Tool Time.

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Al prepares himself for another day of Fool Time when Heidi comes by to drop him an unexpected bombshell: you remember Ilene, Al's old girlfriend? Al is shocked, realizing that Ilene has moved on and made a change, while he has not.

Tim takes Al to a night club to meet some women; Al pretends to the the star of Tool Time.

“When you two went and did a bedroom scene the other day and got into bed I thought, ‘What’s she doing in bed with him? “He’s worked with all of these incredible people so I’ve gotten used to seeing him with other women.

Heidi all the while is so happy for Ilene and she gloats it in front of Al, because she's a thoughtless dummy. Today, they're talking about sharpening tools, though today, Al himself isn't so sharp.

"We would just crack up and just lose it and not be able to get it together." Allen said he actually still sees Smith, who works with his oldest daughter, Katherine, on the production side of the entertainment business.

Allen also plays golf with Richard Karn, who played Allen's right-hand man, Al Borland.

"It's just depressing." ET was also on hand for 's first taping in 1991, when Jonathan Taylor Thomas was 10, Zachery Ty Bryan was nine and Taran Noah Smith was just seven years old.

"It was so much fun on the set," Richardson recalled of their days on the show.

Tim tells him to get his act together or he's out on his ass. I'm sorry, but is any of this supposed to be funny? After the show, Al tells Tim what's bugging him and his friend tells him he needs to get out more..places other than the Taylors' for dinner.