It’s only which costs less than a bagel from Whole Foods lol: THIS IS IMPORTANT! Hey guys, my name is Sarah Ann and I have a confession to make before I tell you how Asian guys can get any girlfriend you want.

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Isobel is a Black woman, the artists creating the artwork are POC, and the entire storyline centers around POC characters!

You have Korean commanders, Black high priests, and strong, kick-ass female protagonists.

What Students Are Saying: “What can I say about the talented Wing Girl, Sarah Ann, that hasn’t been said in the countless online compliments I’ve already seen?

She’s a lively addition to any social circle and glows when she smiles.

I was the drama geek who was an introverted, artistic wall flower type in highschool.

As a result I would say I have a first hand understanding what goes through a shy, sweet girl’s mind when men approach her.Get the ultimate dating textbook for Asian men everywhere. What I like best is how she organizes the dating experiences of each race–Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Jewish and Black– by chapter and section. D., JD., or some engineer-ey, computer geek-like vocation. Apparently food is how Asian families express how they feel about each other.Sarah Ann: Why Girls Give Out Fake Numbers, the Kino Turn, Walk of Khan, & Silencer (1 of 4) After you watch my videos, go ahead and check out my Dating & Fashion Makeover Class.Your success with women will change so quickly, you’ll hardly believe what’s happening right before your own eyes 🙂 In the meantime, while you’re still getting ready to take a bootcamp and supercharge your lifestyle, skillset and results to the next level, purchase JT “the Asian Playboy” Tran’s book “Modern Asian Gentleman” which breaks down in painstaking detail the ABCDEF System.The world of is vivid and magical and DIVERSE AS FUCK, and it reminds me of a POC Star Trek or a POC Star Wars. Maybe they’ll turn this into a screenplay the same way they turned Isobel’s previous work into screenplays. On top of that, the series is ongoing so you’ll be able to read more into the galaxy, find more artwork AND they’re making a manga!