This is a very intimate and erotic song about the titillating side of being in love.And the icing on the cake is that the video is a magnificent piece of art so it absolutely had to make the list.

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Top dating songs video

So the next time you're in need of relationship advice, crank up the radio or your i Pod.

Besides, it's an affordable alternative to therapy and may help you see that your relationship is worth saving!

Insatiable-Darren Hayes This entire song is pure poetry. What a Beautiful Day-Chris Cagle This song gives me chills!

Speaking of love, I fall in love with Darren Hayes every time I hear it. Or perhaps there is a draft in my apartment as I’m writing this…kidding. Being in the business of love I’ve heard a lot of love songs but never one like this.

Read Full Tip for You're The One That I Want - Grease You've Lost That loving Feeling- Rightous Brothers Not to sure what catagory but I know that it works great if you perform it to ...

Read Full Tip for You've Lost That loving Feeling- Rightous Brothers I Want Him Back We all make mistakes in life.Appreciating the little things — the small gestures in your relationship — can go a long way to making it fulfilling.Although love and reason rarely share company, let the advice enable you to see what you already have.I considered amending my Top 10 hottest sex songs and adding this to the list but I decided against it.Although it is by the ever so controversial Madonna this song isn’t about just getting laid.Read Full Tip for Here Without You - 3 doors down It Must Be Love - Madness A song everyone knows, sure to set a good ... Colbie Cailat Only Wanna Be With You---Hootie and the Blowfish"Theres nothin i can do, i only wanna be with you" Sweet ...