Miss Allen's children were crying and Horseman told her partner - who was cleaning his rifle - to 'shoot Harry just to frighten him, shut him up, shoot it at Harry', it is alleged.Father-of-two Walters thought the weapon was empty so 'aimed the gun at Harry and fired it right into Harry's head', the jury was told.Doctors say the odds of a black woman giving birth to two white children is 'millions-to-one' and explain there must be a white gene present in the woman's ancestry.

The results found that women were a third more likely to survive if they had breast-conserving surgery.

Sam Burbidge, 29, right and inset, allegedly left her partner Adrian Bayford's £6million home with the animals, a £100,000 horse box, a £60,000 sports car and their two dogs.

Mr Bayford is said to have stayed with his ex-wife in Scotland after the break-up and is more upset about losing the dogs, which his children played with, than the horses, according to a friend. She has not even given proper reasons for the break-up other than she is not happy and hasn't been for a while,' a friend said.

Dementia sufferer Roger Curry, 76, was left in a car park in Hereford by his wife and son after being flown to the UK from his home in Los Angeles and his case perplexed police officers.

A killer cold of -10C has been forecast for much of February - after the previous -5 snap caused an extra 1,000 deaths this month.

After last week's freeze, the Met Office forecast mainly milder, wetter and windy conditions for two weeks, with milder yet wet conditions expected for much of the British Isles.

To her amazement, others shared similar experiences of Raven, with another saying 'I wish I'd never met him'.

Plastic food trays used by retailers are 'invisible' to sorting machines because of their black pigment, meaning some 1.3bn of them end up in landfill rather than being recycled as originally intended.

Funeral director Rafael Learmonth used his hearse to return a 'dead' fridge freezer to Argos in Maidstone, Kent after a long running dispute over the phone provided few solutions.