But hey, I mean not too many women set their men up for a threesome to purposefully walk in after you know he screwed them."Jen shrugged. "Jen walked him to the door, laughing as she let him out.

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"If you don't get a ring on her finger in the next oh ..." he glanced at his watch then back to his friend.

I'll just go."Luke placed a heavy hand on his friends shoulder.

And Jen is so fucking pissed at me it's not even funny."Taking a long few minutes to think, Luke sighed, standing from the table. Let me just get some pants on."John's eyes widened.

"Fine, but I've got dibs on the fridge." Luke raked his straggly hair from his eyes, walking slowly up the stairs to Jen's apartment. Blowing the hair from his eyes, he flicked his head, clearing his vision as he waited. Jen cocked her head, crossing her arms; she looked at him, intrigued, curious, waiting. Leaning towards him slightly, Jen's brow rose with interest.

What will happen when Mickie takes some time off to think about everything.

Trish doesn't know where she is, and is concerned about her.

His plans consisted of reading the paper, taking a nap, having a pizza, watching some porn, taking a nap, playing some Halo, some Madden Online ... He stood in front of the mirror, glancing at himself. Oh my God."Luke rolled his eyes, closing the door before looking at his flustered friend.

His blonde hair fell straggly even when wet and it hung haphazardly in his eyes. see." The other man barged past Luke and into the house, his eyes wide with worry.

Rubbing his scruff-covered jaw, he smiled at himself. before that damn bell ..." He trailed off with a sigh, throwing open his front door.

"John shot an angry glare at his friend, his right hand cutting viciously at the air. Cuz there were more people in bed than there should have been."An amused smile slipped onto Luke's face as a soft chuckle vibrated in his throat.

Week long scruff covered his cheeks, chin and upper lip.