So some of that flow is based upon the anti-corruption effort." CNBC put in several interview requests with Chinese businessmen, particularly from the multibillion dollar conglomerates like Fosun.

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Including last year's $14 billion and money coming to the U. so far this year, Chinese foreign direct investment in the U. since 2000 now totals nearly $40 billion, according to the Rhodium Group."There is much more trust (felt for) the United States and the U. government that those assets will be protected by the government, compared to the assets here in China, which could be taken away tomorrow," said Michael Godin, vice president of But the money is safe only if it actually makes it to the United States.

Because Chinese law prohibits any more than $50,000 U. dollars leaving the country per person per year, Chinese investors and companies are getting increasingly creative when it comes to getting their money out of China and into the United States.

In a video captured at Symbio Zoo, a duck is filmed teasing a tiger in its water container.

The tiger chases the bird while the duck swims around and dives underwater for safety.

Heinz Wants US Workers to Get ' Smunday' Off The day after the Super Bowl is hard for many people who stay up late watching the big game with friends and family.

That's why Kraft Heinz employees are getting the day off.How to profit So how can American investors benefit from the influx of Chinese money and people? Anything you buy here, they feel that it's better than China," Gussin told CNBC. This is definitely going to be continuing over the next couple of years," Godin said.Jing Gussin, co-founder of Silver Bridge Capital, which is focused on Chinese cross-border investments, is betting on Chinese tourism to the United States. Cancer Survivor Asks President Trump for Help 8-year-old Abriel Bentley will never forget her battle with bone cancer.Today, she is in remission and fighting for more pediatric cancer research. This Baby Can't Get Enough of Snoring Dad What an adorable baby! All it takes is his dad making some silly snoring sounds for the baby to burst out with never ending laughter at the dinner table!Now this dad and daughter are taking the internet by storm.