4) This website is not so much “creepy” as it is weird.

invites people infected with sexually transmitted diseases to date others with similar medical problems.

Hundreds of like-hearted individuals join Spiritual Singles Dating Site every day to create love, spiritual connections and life-long partnerships.

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8) Ashley If any one of these websites baffles me the most, it’s Ashley Madison.com, which says a lot considering the adult diapers dating site is on this list.

Ashley is a website for cheating adults to find their “perfect affair partner.” Users can classify themselves as “Attached Male/Female Seeking Male/Female,” “Single Male/Female Seeking Male/Female,” or “Horrible, Horrible Person.” That last one’s not really on there, but I feel like it’s generally implied.

Just upload a picture and let the website find your ideal other-half. 6) Daily Daily advertises itself as a role-playing dating site for those interested in p infantilism. As their website notes: “Daily Diapers is the premiere community for Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Big Kids, Mommies and Daddies featuring over 25,500 FREE photos of diapered women, men and couples…if you wear diapers, this is your online home! 7) Twins If anything, having a twin is beneficial because you always have someone to go on a double date with.

(Then again, I’m not a twin, so I wouldn’t know how awkward that might actually be.) But what if both you and your sibling had the same “type”?

Though the site, Conjugal Harmony.com, was a joke, that didn’t stop other people from thinking the concept was a good idea.

Women Behind Bars.com, started around 1997, features incarcerated women from all over the country looking for penpals and potential life partners. People seeking to start a connection with said inmates must pay to access the address of their convict-of-choice.

Started by a pair of students at the University of British Columbia, Peeked Interest allows users to take a picture of a girl or boy they think is attractive, post it publically, and wait for the person in the photo to take notice.

If said subject notices their picture on the site and wants to meet their photographer, they can exchange contact information and go on a date. While I’m sure the creators were going for a “Missed Connections” vibe, what ultimately came out will likely result in more restraining orders than dates. 3) Women Behind In 2009, the Internet exploded over reports about a new dating website that matched up users with convicted criminals who were serving jail time.

At first glance, my first instinct is to laugh, especially after hearing the slew of other similar websites: (Herpes-specific dating), STDFriends.com, and Herpes