“If anything, this movie turns every kind of stereotype on its head.

So if there ever have been queries about whether his movies use stereotypical characters, ‘Good Deeds’ dissolves them instantly.” Brian J.

“I love that movie and my girls hadn’t seen it, so we watched it together,” Newton says.

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“Not the same one, but I generally wear a weave as do a lot of women in Hollywood.

And I’ve been going through body scanners with the same weave.

“I think this movie very much goes away from stereotypes,” says Newton.

“Wesley Deeds is someone who has everything and yet he wants nothing. “My character is a janitor and she ends up being the wise sage of the film,” she adds.

It’s the second Tyler Perry film for each actress, who both turn 40 this fall, but tha t’s about all they have in common.

“We’re very different, which [makes it] fun to be around each other,” Newton says. And I just feel like I’m a bit messy and potty-mouthed and much more haphazard, whereas she is incredibly deliberate.Her hair weave got flagged by a body scanner on a recent trip, prompting a pat-down by a Transportation Security Administration agent.“My weave has been in for years,” Union points out.“It was nice that we were able to celebrate those different sides of our strengths and embody two very different women in the film,” she adds.In “Good Deeds,” Perry plays successful businessman Wesley Deeds, who has always put the needs of his parents and company before his own.“The reason why he calls Lindsey a bitch in that moment is because he clearly has mother issues, women issues,” Newton says. And it makes perfect sense.” There are several heartbreaking moments between Newton and her on-screen daughter.