Even 80 year old grandmothers are supplementing their retirement income by selling stuff on e Bay — and you know if grandma can use the website, it must be doing something right!

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You’ve got to take these things into account before concluding that women are trading beauty for money.”“Rather, hearteningly, people really are looking for … Finding those things is driven by matching one’s strengths with a partner who’s similarly endowed, rather than trying to barter kindness for hotness, humor for conscientiousness, cultural savvy for handyman-ship, or graduate degrees for marketable skills.” The fact is, reports Mc Clintock, women value men’s attractiveness just as much their wallets.

They don’t want a match so much as a jackpot.”“Women spend a lot more time trying to look good than men do,” Mc Clintock said. If you don’t take that into account then you actually see there’s a lot of these guys who are partnered with women who are better looking than them, which is just because, on average, women are better looking. And men earn more than women—we’ve got that 70-percent wage gap—so women marry ‘up’ in income.

To suggest otherwise diminishes what happens in genuine happy marriages, which are based on much more than a mercenary exchange for looks and money.

And men value women’s kindness and personality just as much as their looks.

In 2008, the website earned over $10 million with only a handful of employees.

(Source: Wikipedia) Oh, and did I mention it’s free?What makes Craigslist so popular is how straightforward the categories are.In fact, you probably know someone who landed a job, found an apartment, or discovered something valuable that someone else would have simply thrown away.And making it free is often a great way to do that. ” Well, maybe or maybe not, but it’s certainly spartan.Over the years, countless competitors have tried to spring up with more stylish, feature-rich layouts, but Google has so far beaten them all, remaining the undisputed king of the search engine hill. Back when Google first started, it’s simple design was one of its biggest selling points.For instance, Google may have an ultra-simple homepage, but if you sign up for an account, you can customize it with any number of widgets, making it as complicated as you want.