See below for answers to common questions regarding our Custom Bundle & Ultimate Bundle offers.Note that there are two different types of Custom Bundles - those offered during the registration of a new UAD-2/Apollo hardware product, and those purchased from our online store.There's another list containing such paperwork that links to the appropriate screens.

When Free Really Means Free Like it competitors, 2nd Story doesn't charge you until you're ready to file, which means you can do some comparison among the sites on your own.

You aren't charged at all if you opt for the Free Federal Edition (optional state is $14.95).

Which you use depends on your confidence level and the complexity of your return.

Starting here and continuing throughout, the site displays questions and asks you to either fill in blank fields or make selections from lists.

I reviewed the $17.95 Ultimate Bundle, which offers preparation and filing for both federal and state using the Deluxe product.

Tax ACT has also gone mobile this year, like its competitors, with an i Pad version and a smartphone app.

For a walk through of how to choose your plug-ins and complete your Custom Bundle, see this article. Which Custom Bundles are available for purchase in the online store?

The "Custom 3", "Custom 6", "Custom 10" and "Ultimate 4" bundles are available in the online store.

Which UAD plug-ins can I choose as part of my Custom Bundle?

Any individual UAD plug-in or plug-in "Collection" can be chosen as part of a Custom Bundle. You have 45 days from purchase to choose your Custom Bundle plug-ins, and your demo times will be reset after your purchase so you can try out each plug-in that interests you during this period.

Other plug-in bundles, such as the Magnetic Tape Bundle, Neve Complete Bundle, etc are excluded and can not be chosen as part of a Custom Bundle. If you haven't picked your plug-ins after 45 days, the most popular plug-ins will automatically be chosen to complete your bundle.