2 days later they take another 29.99 from my account. i had 52 messages so i picked the 3 day plan and was charged for a month, in that month i had no none absolutely no messages, now the month has ended i start getting messages....

When I complained to them they stated that terms and conditions enable an automatic renewal. Read Full Review I had been corresponding with a guy who I discovered had been cutting and pasting his replies from other dating sites and using other people's photos. weird or scam, scam i have closed the site, it is a scam i would advise any one men mostly to be careful there only out for what money they can get from you they have women who get free passes to try cox you in then you will be blanked, i replyed to all 52 messages and not 1 replyed back, now its…

I only paid for the 3 day trial and it won't let me click on the button to cancel a repeat membership so I will wait for the fun amd games to start when they take my money out of my account…

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The site is rubbish - the set up seems very amateur and there is nowhere to seek help, which I need, as it says I have messages but can't access them.

This is not immediately obvious and is difficult to cancel. soldier who lived in England but was supposedly serving in Afghanistan.

3) You will bombarded with invitations to join some tacky looking sites run by the same outfit. She wove a very convincing web of lies to the point where I totally believed her banking problems and started to 'Help her out financially' as I thought until my suspiscions were raised.

As the 3 day membership is not renewable they put me on monthly. I am now having to go through Paypal resolution as they won't reply to requests for a refund. Read Full Review If you are silly enough to sign up you will find that: 1) Hardly any of the profiles are paid up members so you can't message them.

I've asked several times for a refund, as I asked them to close down my account as soon as I discovered what they had done . 2) The site will set your subscription up so that it automatically renews.

A lot of military officers use these sites to socialize and reconnect despite their tight schedules. Look for sites that provide you pages which you could post a user profile along with a picture that you would be proud of.

Many are already joining and several others have succeeded in locating their military romance within the dating crowd. Look for sites which have a decent amount of sign ups. This is where you have the opportunity to say what you would like, as well as state what you would like and need on the site so that people would know your expectations.

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