Oak is such a heavy looking wood that it can visually weigh down a room, particularly one without.

Via Crown Point Cabinetry This photo shows how taking down 1 set of cabinets can really open up a space, letting more light flow through it.

Via Julie Blanner (because again, she kicks some serious oak butt) Via Crown Point Cabinetry The use of greenery keeps the accessories in this room well-connected and complementary to the oak cabinets.

Remember, oak is already a ‘busy’ look as it tends to be pretty grainy – keeping thing simple with your decor will help to calm things down.

Finish Your Wood The first thing that we did was stain the new wood to match the existing color of the cabinets.

Take your oak 1 x 6, small pine molding and crown (ONLY if real wood) stain them to match the color of your cabinets.

Need some help figuring out what do to with your kitchen?

Okay I need to start this post with a very clear caveat: We cannot paint our cabinets, and we cannot stain our cabinets. that feels better to get that out in the open first thing.

And rental homes/cabinets get beat up, but it shows less with wood than paint, she knows this from LOTS of experience.

AND we only had 4 weeks to finish our entire house, there technically wasn’t time anyway.

It is also just as functional as closed doors as long as you keep things neat and tidy!