Within 30 days of changing your address, you must notify DMV and provide the street address of your principal Virginia residence.

updating address with va-47

All documents must be originals and all documents must be verifiable with the issuing entity. DMV will not accept a document as proof of identity, residency or social security number when there is reason to believe it has been altered, fraudulently obtained or is fake, forged, counterfeit, or otherwise non-genuine or illegitimate. Falsifying information on any driver's license or photo identification card application is a criminal offense.

Altering or assisting a person with improperly or fraudulently obtaining a driver's license, learner's permit, CDL, CDL instruction permit or photo ID card are also criminal offenses.

However, if you do not want your residence address to appear on your driver's license or photo ID card, you may provide DMV with an alternate address in addition to your residence address. You may purchase a new driver's license or photo ID card showing the address change.

You may also obtain a revised vehicle registration card.

For Health Care In the event of an address change, complete form 10101EZ which can be found here: https://

You should also contact the Enrollment Coordinator at your local VA medical facility.

Once moved, you then have to ask yourself where and how do I change my address?

You should update your address with VA as soon as possible after a move.

Documents accepted by DMV as proof of identity, Virginia residency and social security number may change without prior notice.