It can be argued that VLAN support belongs in the list above and I may add it at some point.

updating airport extreme firmware-20

Whenever a device that has been granted Guest Access is within range of your network, Portal automatically creates a guest network with random SSID and credentials.

This information is securely exchanged over Bluetooth.

This is not a list of things to do to make a router more secure.

That list includes a number of actions, like changing the default password, that are common to all routers and thus not in the list below.

When the guest device leaves your network, Portal deletes the guest network and credentials." Sounds interesting, I hope to fully understand it someday.

This may be asking too much, as I have not run across it anywhere: the ability to modify the Ethernet MAC address that is used as the base of Wi Fi networks.

The Portal router, which is expected to start shipping late Summer 2016 has an unusual take on Guest networks.

Exactly what it is, however, is not clear from their documentation which says: "You never need to give out your network password, and your guests never need to remember it.

This would allow a router of brand X to masquerade as brand Y.