It is becoming more and more a regular event that published papers are updated.

Cross Ref has put some technology in place to deal with these kind of events called Cross Mark (

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In his "Proposal for a new publishing model in Computer Science," he argues that "[m]any computer [s]cience researchers are complaining that our emphasis on highly selective conference publications, and our double-blind reviewing system stifles innovation and slow the rate of progress of [s]cience and technology." This is a valid concern, as we have observed that the rate of progress in computer science has largely overtaken the speed of publication process.

Furthermore, as the focus (and assessment) has moved from journals to so-called top-tier conferences, more and more papers get stuck in the purgatory of submit-review-reject-resubmit.

As you say, it is not easy to detect automatically whether a new version has a genuinely updated pdf but for humans this is easy!

At the moment, the best way I know to get a new pdf is to trash the entire paperpile entry for the old version and then import the new one: an "update pdf" option would short-cut this pleasantly.

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Please note that all abstracts and articles in the ADS are copyrighted by the publisher, and their use is free for personal use only.---Fran With the ar Xiv, there is no need to check if the has actually been updated.Surely, if the authors update their paper to a newer version on ar Xiv, Paperpile should either retrieve that version and update the or simply add the new version as a new If an article got updated in ar Xiv then Paperpile will retrieve the new information and merge it with the data already in your library. The problem is that determining if the PDF file is really a new version of the one you have in your library is non trivial.A check, for example, of the file size, creation date, or MD5SUM of the file is not sufficient since the users can have added highlight annotations or comments to the PDF file, which will change all those attributes.Every week the my ADS Update Service will scan the literature added to the ADS since the last update, and will create custom lists of recent papers for each subscriber, formatted to allow quick reading and access. As an option, users can elect to receive updates on preprints published on the ar Xiv e-print archive via daily emails or by subscribing to a custom RSS feed.