Finally, once that failed, I booted back into OS X and used the Bootcamp utility to download the "Support Software" which includes the AMD driver that Apple has deemed to be correct.

updating boot camp graphics drivers-50

As with installing any low-level software, it is advisable to create a backup beforehand, so that you can roll back, should something not work as planned.

The most important driver upgrade IMO is graphics drivers.

For assistance with the installation of a graphics driver, contact the manufacturer of the computer or the manufacturer of the computer's video adapter.

To identify the manufacturer and model of the computer's video adapter or chipset, use the Direct X Diagnostic Tool included with Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista.

Additionally, an upgrade can only be done for a version of Windows 7 that is the same "bitness" as the current operating system.

This means that you can only upgrade to a 32-bit version of Windows 7 if you have a 32-bit version of Windows Vista installed, and likewise for the 64-bit version.Is it safe to update drivers from Nvidia site, some other sites(for other drivers) or Apple releases special type of drivers for there hardware and only those will be supported?The important Apple drivers which Windows invariably doesn't have updates for are Facetime camera, Apple keyboard/trackpad/mouse, and the IR receiver.So I updated my Bootcamp installation to Windows 10 yesterday, and it looks like MS uninstalled the AMD driver (which is fine).I went to the AMD site and downloaded driver 15.7.1.After the download finished and the installation began, the installer told me something to the effect of "no valid driver could be found for your system".