Most of their units are entitled to a free update if the unit was purchased recently Just a heads up to anyone who recently purchased a C330.

updating c330-68

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As time goes on, cities and towns change and expand and new places are founded, creating the need for new maps.

To provide the most accurate directions, Garmin provides updated maps that reflect these changes to its customers.

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We despatch orders at 5.30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.For the cost of their "updates" I can buy a NEW GPS with free updates or buy a really nice used GPS off of craigslist.Garmin lost my business with this scam they pulled. If you don't have a cable this is what you do: Go to: on automotive. All the updates available will appear including the available maps to purchase.Gee, I can purchase the update for .99 and load a subset of the maps if I want, according to the person in tech support, but I cannot receive it as a free update.So, apparently buyer beware if you purchase Garmin's "low end" units. I hope I can get some film rolls on the way found out I only got 6 left totally forgot to check stocks...