Selecting the Calendar option opens the Calendar (displayed in Figure B).

The Calendar also shows a mini-Calendar in the left pane for easy navigation.

A well-developed calendar can make your life more organized and less stressful.

updating calendar entries in lotus notes-30

A knowledgeable worker is better trained to take advantage of the tools at their disposal, such as Lotus Notes Calendar.

By providing users with the proper information about these tools, you can reduce the number of support calls.

Selecting the Schedule A Meeting button doesn't limit the user to only meeting creation.

The Calendar entry type may be changed via the Calendar entry section shown in Figure F.

Currently the sync is only one direction: pushing Lotus Notes entries to GCal.

All entries manually created in GCal will be ignored (and not copied down to Lotus Notes).

Let's explore the basics of accessing the Calendar and creating appointments.

Use this how-to information to educate your Lotus Notes users.

Advanced Lotus Notes users can even check other people's calendars and schedule meetings, but it's best to first master the basics by managing your own time.