Monthly datasets problem Although it says “files” you should also add links to APIs here (eg SPARQL, WMS, etc).

Usually that is the root URL of an API that might not return much by default, but it is still good to add it here.

Including the name of your organisation in the title is an easy way to make it unique.

For background information on Intelligent Cubes, see the In-memory Analytics Guide.

To define a refresh filter for your dataset For complex updates, or to only update your dataset with a subset of the data in your data source, you can create a refresh filter.

The publication/editing wizard follows a tab structure.

When creating new datasets you will have to click on next at the bottom of the wizard to continue.

Use a single file dataset if the data only needs to be published once.

Publish your dataset as a time series dataset if it needs to be updated, eg every month.

If you do not need to specify a difference source, click From the Database Sources panel on the left, select the database connection that contains the data to import.

A list of the database tables in the selected database is displayed in the Available Tables panel.

To specify a different source for data If the updated data for your tables is in a different data source than the original, you can configure a different data source for each table.

Ensure that the table in the new data source contains columns with identical names to the columns in your original data source.

NB that if you update the file in future on, it gives you a new download URL. If you select time series then you can specify the “Update Frequency” and get the “Date” column to fill in for each file.