7a- Ensure (through Control Panel Add Remove) you have VC 2008 (preferably Microsoft. 8- Navigate to all the files listed in "DBox_801_upgrade.txt" and rename them to original_name.8 for example "C:\AWRoot\bin\fi\version.ini" to "C:\AWRoot\bin\fi" 9- Copy all the listed files from "C:\AWRoot7\..." to the appropriate location in "C:\AWRoot\...", you will now have 2 copies of each file, one with .8 extension and one without.. SYS to be working again, like this: [APPLICATION] ; Version=08.17 Version=07.81 Else, keep "Version=08.xx" commented and Diag Box will report V7but everything will be working fine...

updating dbox-86

Security Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (KB980376)A security vulnerability exists in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 that could allow arbitrary code to run when a maliciously modified web page is opened.

nderungen seit der letzten Version (Stand ): Astra TV 10788 MHz C EVENTOS neu, Ch.-ID: 30354 10817 MHz C DCINE HD neu, Ch.-ID: 29954 10876 MHz CANAL LIGAneu, Ch.-ID: 30610 11435 MHz ein Kanal ohne Kennung neu, Ch.-ID: 29903 12148 MHz ein Sender ohne Kennng neu, Ch.-ID: 121 Hotbird TV 10853 MHz 5x Sky Inside neu, Ch.-IDs: 3571, 3573, 3574, 3575, 3576; History 1 neu, Ch.-ID: 3504; National Geo 1 neu, Ch.-ID: 3505; Fantasy neu, Ch.-ID: 3506; MAN-GA neu, Ch.-ID: 3507; Jim Jam neu, XCh.-ID: 3521; Jimmy neu, Ch.-ID: 3530; iadv Video neu, Ch.-ID: 3532; Dove Tv neu, Ch.-ID: 3535; Yacht & Sail neu, Ch.-ID: 3578; Supreme Master TV abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8604; eurotic TV abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8620; Suryoyo TV abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8621; 7'armanat Nar abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8622; Pakistan Girls abgeschaltet, Ch.-i D: 8623; Sexy-Arab TV abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8624; Fatayat 7'armanat abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8625; India love TV abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8626; Arab Sex Club abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8627; ALO TV abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8628; Arab-Girls TV abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8629; Suryoyo SAT abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8631; PDF Channel abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8632; DM Digital abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8638; IRAN TV MARKET abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8639; Physique TV abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8641; Iran-MNTV abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8642; Iran-FMTV abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8643; 4 abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8644; Omid-e-Iran abgeschaltet, Ch.-ID: 8647; IRAN.

If you are good with software and have a Peugeot Citroen car that you may have to live with for sometime to come, then have a go at it, it is time you learnt how to do it, and you know the symphony by now "carry out this procedure at your own risk"... Copy or move all files (NOT folders) inside "C:\AWRoot\bin\Launcher\" to a safe location before performing the following: 1- Download "Launcher.rar" from the link provided 2- Extract all files into "C:\AWRoot\bin\Launcher\" skipping or replacing existing files (need to be replaced) 3- Rename your preferred Firmware inside Launcher folder to APPLI. INI” files in "C:\AWRoot\bin\fi\" needed for V8.01 installation. The order of installing things is important, I had "Data Access Problem" which was sorted by reinstalling Java 7.67 and VC 2008 9.0.21022.8, then reinstalling Diag Box 8.01.. But if you wish to keep the old installation: Start task Manager and kill Firebird, SIM, PSA**, WSTransormer, AWACS**, AWR**, psa**, fbserver, HTTP_D**, ftps*, jqs,fts*, jusc*, j9w, DCC**, AWFi*, eclipse, mcc*.. Can you check that you have all the files in the cache folder?

I guess we should see more members contributing.... COM 4- Connect your VCI and wait until it is recognised 5- Launch Diag Box, it will check the VCI Firmware and update ONLY if necessary. Stop the installation (Task Manager, End Task) and reboot the computer. if you make a mistake, Diag Box deletes the contents of this folder, you can copy the 13 needed files or use the "Cache Contents Restorer" in the links to replenish the contents. SYS files, then download and execute "AWRoot_v7_Conf Ativation_v8.exe"; your Diag Box 8.01 should then work..

This procedure and the software provided are intended for personal, educational and experimental use to upgrade from Diag Box version 7to 8only.

I hold no responsibility for any illegal or improper usage. If you don't have Diag Box 7already installed, install Diag Box 7.01, perform internet update to 7.02 and use v7.xx-7.57 upgrade or any version that has "C:\AWRoot\dtwr\cfg\config.sys".The presence of "majdist.tmp" tells Diag Box that an update is waiting to be installed and on running Diag Box it will start Internet Update.If you remove "majdist.tmp" or rename it, Diag Box will NOT perform the Internet update even if it is downloaded, expanded and ready..dbox is Dovecot's own high-performance mailbox format.The original version was introduced in v1.0 alpha4, but since then it has been completely redesigned in v1.1 series and improved even further in v2.0.So make sure you have working backup copies before you start (the configuration files are specific to the installation and the computer, they will NOT work on another installation). This particular upgrade was performed using the Diag Box v8.01 with no files removed, I did my best to follow the same methodology when configuring the updates..