SIDE NOTE: I've heard of people using Wi X and the Difx API (I think that is what it's called) to install drivers from an MSI installer.Any ideas if this can be done from plain C# in a custom action?

updating drivers for devcon-60

As you can see, Devcon has the abilities of Device Manager and Add/Remove Hardware applet all in one piece of code.

I know, I’s only a “Console Mode” application.

But, when you’re continually testing your driver’s capabilities by enabling/disabling it (OSR Driver Lab Students will attest to this), waiting for the Device Manager to do it’s scanning and repainting is painfully slow.

The Class Feature allows you to list the setup classes that are available on the local or remote machine (-m:\\machine is used to reference a remote machine).

I may post back if we still find the issue in the future.

ave you ever written a driver for Windows XP and cursed the Add/Remove Hardware applet in Control Panel?The command includes the /r parameter, which reboots the system if it is necessary to make the enabling effective.The following command uses the Dev Con Install operation to install a keyboard device on the local computer.Open VPN includes a file called that installs the Open VPN adapter (or any driver for that matter).Doing some research, this file is the exact same as a command-line tool called devcon that Microsoft includes in the Windows DDK. So we use it during our setup (msi) installer in a custom action to install the driver, which for the most part, works just fine.We don't really want to start over with our setup project using Wi X (it could be time consuming).