Nothing of that sort happens once you ensure some steps that I will highlight Below. FAMILIARIZE yourself [Before Proceeding] with the Manager.. DO NOT ATTEMPT to dismantle / reverse-engineer the file & try to extract the OS files… 6) Make Sure BDM is not running & Connect 9700 to the PC via Micro-USB Cable & START BBSAK. Select ‘Automatically Back Up’ and make sure you have them emails box checked if you want those restored also. This process, depending on what model device you have can take anywhere from 20-45 minutes.

Now it is time to make sure the Application Loader Wizard backs up and restores all information on your device.

But once I had confirmed that the OS 6 is AVAILABLE for the 9700.. I searched High & Low & managed to lay my hands on MANY Os 6 available on the NET… The reason YOU too, will come Across MANY OS 6 files is very simple: Black Berry Designs & Develops the OSes & “releases” them to Carriers for “TESTING” Purposes The Carriers.. LINK Make Sure you click “No” to: Would you like to receive information about RIM and/or Black Berry products and/or services from RIM or authorized third parties selected by RIM? Once it has been completed, or near to doing so, you should notice that your Black Berry has a slightly different loading screen.

updating firmware on blackberry bold-71

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Wait about 20-30 minutes for the process to complete and your phone to reboot completely. You will manage to further damage & maybe, beyond-repair.

Select the option that allows you to choose what items you would like to re-install. DO NOT attempt to re-start it with any Key-Press Combinations etc…

Needless to say, there are going to be plenty of owners extremely excited to finally see this one being available, since RIM’s devices never offered the feature before.

Naturally, owners began seeing the notification popping up on their devices, but if you’re still twiddling your thumbs away waiting for it to arrive, you can bypass it and simply download the update directly through RIM’s web site via the Black Berry Desktop software.

However IT IS Carrier Dependent [e.g: Vodafone, Verizon etc].. b) Discovers some bugs reports the same to Black Berry… The phone will then boot for the first time (take up to 10 minutes), wait for the boot completely before disconnecting.

then Test it on THEIR OWN Networks (individually) & either: a) Confirm the OS is all OK & then release to their subscribers (with heavily laden branding) OR… Go Straight to “Download” Done 2) Download & Install “Latest Version” of BBSAK [Black Berry Swiss Army Knife] LINK 3) Start BDM & let the initial stages complete & do the ENTIRE Back-up of your Device. This Back-up WORKS after Updating to OS6 & you will Have ALL your Data intact! With the loading bar being at the bottom of the screen and an updated Black Berry logo.

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However, I recently got a Black Berry Bold 9700 a.k.a Onyx a.k.a Bold 2 9700 [Many names… Wait for the process to complete and your phone to reboot completely before disconnecting. Try to do another Battery-Pull in the next hour as well, just for good measure.