Type in your units serial number to see if any newer maps are available. Just because there isn't an update doesn't mean you can't do your bit to make Garmin maps more accurate.

If you find an error or omission, report it at Navteq's Map Reporter site.

This handy little application not only keeps itself updated, but when run, and you attach your GPS, it'll download any updates for the units operating system. Remember, operating system updates are free, so do this whenever you want.

updating garmin 200-63

Just wondered if anyone has had experience with the Garmin Roadtrip Editor for Mac. I have done a map upgrade check on the Garmin website and it comes up with the Garmin city 2008 Europe updates. Is it not possible to buy just the UK upgrades for a reduced price, because £60 for maps I am not going to use is just a waste. I have bought a new Nuvi 250W, I have registered it and have tried to check to see if any d/loads are available, I have also downloaded the pc program to make this possible, but when connected the program does not seem to find the device ? I bought a Nuvi 250 today with a holiday in the Algarve, Portugal at the end of October, in mind. Do i just put the SD card in the slot and away it goes or am i being simple? I'm thinking of buying either the nuvi 200w or nuvi 250 from Amazon, which seem to have quite good prices at the moment(Sept 2008). Also, do you think the widescreen version is really significantly better, or any easier to use in the car ( my eyesight is not 20/20 anymore)? Not really, but if you go into the settings and route preferences you can ask it to avoid u-turns and unpaved roads. We just bought a Garmin Nuvi 200 from Tennessee only to find out that it has maps for the lower 48 states, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, and none for Canada, which is where we live. I think you can only get the Canada maps as part of the whole City Navigator NT DVD Map Set, which probably costs more than a Nuvi bought in Canada that has the maps you want already installed.

It seems to suggest multiple waypoints can be used. Is there anywhere that I can get some POI's for the Algarve? I can't get an answer from them regarding the map level included with these units, and whether or not I would be able to get the newest map release free of charge from Garmin, after I bought one. Also, always use "fastest" and not "shortest" routing. I am about to download the 2009 Map updates for my Garmin Nuvi200. How do we go about getting Canadian Maps installed? It may be worth going to your local electronics store to see how much a Nuvi costs with Canada maps already on it, then sull your US Nuvi on it possible to get the screen replaced on a Garmin 760T, accidental damage, the rest of the unit seems fine and is working, only 4 weeks old !

If the file is exported from an existing ride, the virtual partner will follow the existing ride’s times.

If it comes from a route drawn with our bike route planner the virtual partner times will be off.

Now I try to install again (rebooted everything) and still get the same error. Is the new european update 2009 so large that it will not load full on the 250W? Do I just live with the fact that I must load UK and Eire not be able to use it in europe again. Lastly, have you any idea what the files are for under the vehicle folder, can I delete some of these e.g. i did this but now it wont accept postcodes and the detail of the maps is not as good as it used to be. can i put it back to its original maps, if so how is this done. I purchased a Garmin Nuvi 200 last Christmas - thought we would only need UK/Ireland maps but have since driven in France so thought we would purchase European maps for our unit. Bought a Nuvi 250w on the strength of your excellent review site, thanks. Though the webupdater can see the Garmin and the software is up to date and having registered it on the Garmin site when I try to get the speed camera downloads (free or paid) and I click to connect it just says scanning and ...... Hello, i have just purchased a City Navigator Europe NT micro SD/SD card Italy & Greece for my 2 month old nuvi 200. 2006) however I did not get an option for free update.

I have purchased the Garmin Map Update 2008 (City Navigator Europe NT) on DVD and will copy this to SD card - do I simply put the SD card into the unit and the maps will be there for Europe? I know the 250w is an entry level Sat Nav but bit disappointed with the only the single Via Point available for planning a trip. I would be grateful if you could let me know how i load the maps when i arrive in Sicily. Also, I noticed that the GPS received its first satallite connection on 1st April 2007. Is it some sort of test done on the unit at the manufacturing site or is it something I should be concerned of?

To be honest I mostly agree, but for things like Speed Cameras you might as well take advantage of the free trial, and the system updates do fix bugs that you might not previously have been aware of.

One of the most important reasons to update is reliability.

Go to Navteq's main site and you can learn all about how they create GPS maps, very interesting.

I have been given a new Nuvi 200 with canadian and us map pre loaded (It came from Canada)I live in the UK Can I use the 2009 City Navigator Europe NT DVD to load the uk and European maps onto a SD card in the socket provided?

For a more detailed example of how to get a route to your Edge 200, see Export Routes to Garmin Devices.