The sections are written with the assumption that you have root access or sudo privileges.

If you do not, you will not be able to run these commands.

updating glib-66

Below is the relevant information for upgrading glibc and ensuring that your Linode is no longer vulnerable to the bug.

Each section is designed for individual distributions.

I have both version 1.2 and version 2.0 of GTK on my system (they both came with my distro).

They are in seperate subdirectories in /usr/include i.e GTK-1.2 GTK-2.0 perhaps you are putting both in the same directory??

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This will prevent packages with older dependencies from being removed from your system.

If using this method, be sure to check your command output to ensure that the patched version of glibc is actually installed.

Hello, I've tried to install the new Pidgin 2.4.3, but it appears it requires a newer glib library.