And I just realized, after saving all my routes to a folder in "My Maps", the "My Maps" feature isn't even on the app - so I can't access all the routes I saved!

updating google maps with road closures-56

A little over half way it just stopped working- it wouldn't give me anymore directions until I stopped at a rest stop and connected again. I really like this app, just need to fix the internet free issue.

Other than that I am COMPLETELY ✔️✔️💯💯satisfied with this Map Quest I love mapquest and use it all the time to map my sales runs.

To see station stops, look for transit icons like , , or .

Tip: When possible, the colored lines on the map match the transportation agency's color system.

For instance, if I'm in need of directions mid-trip but am unsure of where I am, but still in need of a starting point, I'll enter my home address instead of actual location.

Then Map Quest 'catches-up' to my actual location and continues directions from there.Also mentioned in some other reviews is a reference to app not updating to shorter routes when necessary, however, I've never had that issue. I just downloaded it onto my i Phone last night because it said it was internet free and didn't require it.The only suggestions for improvement would be if police and accident location services (like Waze) were added. The only thing I just went to New Hampshire today, I was only able to get my direction route to New Hampshire, and I was connected to my Wi-Fi 📶when I entered my destination in. I had the choice to be able to put in other stops I wanted to go to-for example: if I wanted to go to a gas ⛽️ station, it would have shown me different ones I would want to go to, and the miles until I got there. My maps on my i Phone only worked without WI-Fi three times.If we know about a scheduled event, you’ll get an alert ahead of time so you can plan an alternate route.For example, if there is a concert on your way home from work, you might get a notification one day before the concert.For example, the “A” line in New York City is colored blue by the Metro Transit Authority (MTA), so it is blue on the map.