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You need to have a brick mason contractor come out and look at your home. If you have a gable roof style you will need this done to the soffit up the rake on the gables also.

This can get very expensive as you may need the following done before you even think about laying the brick. Your existing footings need to have 5-6" of projection past the outside sheating on your home, if not you will need to dig out dirt and pour a new concrete brick ledge up against your existing footing (pin to existing footing) to have a brick ledge. If your house has little or not overhang this may be a deal killer right off the bat. Any porch roofs where a second story wall extends up above will not allow you to run brick up this wall unless you cut away porch roof from the house wall. You will need to change out any bad windows and doors at this time as it will be much more difficult after new brick is installed. Any concrete patios/sidewalks poured tight up against the house will need to be saw-cut and 6" removed to allow for brick.

It also costs less and is available in a variey of colors and designs making it easier to coordinate with the style and color or your new home.

A quality veneer is also extremely durable, ensuring it will protect your structure with little maintenance giving your home lasting appeal.

Upon entering the Mewstone II you arrive at the dining area which is positioned in front of what appears to be a window encased room but what is actually an indoor/outdoor room with its facade completely open to the backyard.

The main level of Mewstone II was built by Swell Homes to make the most use of the small footprint, leaving most of the square footage for living space and tucking the stairwell into a narrow space between the kitchen and the main entrance.

We love the clever way the designers wrapped the stairwell window around the wall to create a small floor to ceiling window area and then repeated the shape horizontally on the clerestory window.

Brick veneer is a common exterior surface on contemporary houses and is a particular favorite on ranch houses and bungalows from the 1960s and 1970s.

There is also a space between the stairwell and the exterior wall that leads to the back of the home and as with the stairwell itself, this narrow hallway is a study of artistic creation well lit by the wall of windows next to it.