After it's been restored, then you can update the operating system.

If you need to do this, sync your i Pod with i Tunes first to create a back up of all your data.

updating ipod on different computer-17

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The most common cause of these problems is the i Tunes Auto Sync option. The idea is that when the Auto Sync option is enabled, as soon as you plug your i Pod into the computer it automatically updates the files on your i Pod with whatever is in the i Tunes library of the computer to which you are connected. Connect your i Pod to your PC and i Tunes will sync itself with the i Pod (i Tunes will only copy files in one direction, from the computer to your i Pod).

Thanks _CPlug in your mini, then load up itunes, go edit / preferences / ipod.

Should be a setting in there for turning off automatic updating etc.

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This could mean that you made a typo, someone incorrectly provided a link from an external site, the webmaster messed up a link somewhere (sorry), or that the page has been relocated.Is this possible without his i Pod accidentally being formatted or all the songs being erased and replaced with the ones that automatically update onto my mini?Thanks _C Does anyone know if I can update an i Pod on a different computer than usual without doing nasty things to it?Turn that off, plug in other ipod and things *should be ok*. -gen i Pod for a while now, and my computer broke a while back, lost i Tunes and everything. There was never any need to connect it after I first did to put my music on.But any time it does release an i Pod software update, you should install it.