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You'll need a tool that can read/write those files and luckily for you there are thousands.

Finder doesn't have the smarts to change this - but finder does have a services menu that will allow you to craft a custom automator service that would help automate the process.

Use Stamp to organize all the music files you have gathered over the years.


Editing the tags enables your Mp3 player to show details such as artist and title, or sort by genre.HTML5 Audio Player with Playlist Browser & Format Support Audio MP3 Codec With Flash as a fallback, it should work pretty much anywhere.Hello, I'm trying to update my Go Gear Vi BE's firmware (SA3VBE08K/97) through Songbird v2.5.6 Build: 5.6.2119, but I will always receive an error message as soon as it tries to begin the update process. I met with the same problem, but not just one type. "Documents and Settings / Local Settings / Application Firmware Data/Philips-Songbird/Profiles/jqsow0bg.default/firmware_cache/v2/Philips DLL Cache is empty" MY Gogear Vibe SA4VBE08KF/97 given problem updating links ...Note: Downloading Chrome Beta will replace your usual version of Chrome. j Query v1.9.1 | (c) 2005, 2012 j Query Foundation, Inc. For help with updates, visit our website, Paid Plugin Users don't upgrade to Free Plugin.