Albert Thank you but per my original post the latest version give me the error in the thread title "There was an error installing the update." with no added info.It would be great if you could advise what the possible issue could be.

updating my garvin-71updating my garvin-85updating my garvin-49

I'm prepared to try a previous version of Express if that's what it takes to do a simple task such as updating my maps, but Garmin don't make previous versions available for download. Perhaps someone could point me in the right direction? I've gone to your link, but all the file names have been truncated, so it impossible to know which version of Express to download. In a magical moment it managed to connect and is downloading as I write this.

I am praying it will complete, build and install the update. This is all ridiculously frustrating just to get simple map update and seems to be buggy across operating systems.

Albert Ian_E_S That error message was corrected in an updated version of Express.

This is why we suggest using the newest version of Express.

Albert Hi Albert, Sorry, having "wasted" many hours using the latest Garmin Express on both my Mac Book Pro and my i Mac, I followed some earlier advice on this thread, uninstalled the latest version and downloaded

I now have the latest Map updates on my BMW Navigator and on my i Mac so I am currently working with Base Camp and the latest mapping.

I am now a happy bunny, but will be reticent to update Garmin Express for the moment.

The PC version only downloaded half way on my tablet after 24 hours and I suspect its just stuck so I gave up on that. I tried with Garmin Express 3.2.8 suggested by vespamarc The map downloaded but I am getting the same error as that on the PC old version: "Express cannot build the map.

If PC version will not work, will try out an old version for Mac as a last resort. Ian I have a Nuvi 3590; I'm running OS X 10.10.2 and Garmin Express and it is, without doubt, the biggest pile of poo I have encountered in 30 years of programming and software development.

I have a 30mbs download speed, but Express first of all tells me the map update will not actually take four hours, as originally estimated, but over 4,000.

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