variable: Sacrifice : :: Now you have truly cursed yourself, Dark One.

You answer to a master of your own, so you are no longer my master. Using what I learned from you, the Many will consume and grow.

I thought we could take a look at the various possible endings available in Mask before I post the final pair of updates.

updating neverwinter nights 2-89

Gannayev-of-Dreams Gann's endings change based upon romantic status, Influence, alignment, how you interacted with Gulk'aush and whether you helped Anya recover from her illness or not.

Evil, had high Influence with Gann Low Influence with Gann, took him to meet Gulk'aush : Never had the Veil enjoyed such popularity as it did when Gann-of-dreams took the stage...

The latter is the best possible ending we can get for Kaelyn, and it's only available by betraying Rammaq at Eternity's End and destroying him.

If Rammaq isn't dead by the end of the game, then this happens: Chose freedom or mask ending, didn't kill Rammaq : Your success was an undeniable boon to her - where before, Kaelyn had found only tepid support, now outcasts of all kinds flocked to her banner.

If we stay on the Wall, Kaelyn is too intimidated to launch a Fourth Crusade, so she returns to Mount Celestia, utterly broken-hearted.

If we choose our freedom or use the mask, Kaelyn is free to continue her crusade against the Wall and becomes a hero to thousands of Faithless souls.

: Old friends had gathered to await your return - the elven wizard Sand, Bevil Starling, and others who yet lived.

Like the romance endings (with the wedding on West Harbor green), Neeshka and Aldanon may also show up depending on who you said survived the final battle in NWN2 when talking with Ammon Jerro in the Academy.

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: Word of your passage spread, and hundreds of folk gathered in Highcliff and Neverwinter, hoping for a glimpse of the Knight-Captain, who had long been thought dead.