This file/folder was created by Windows Update as I was doing an update that included Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool when I noticed it and it was gone after the update.I don't know why it went to my USB drive, but it did.

The folder just disappeared and a new folder popped up "d25e846428511717f63956" which contained more Windows Update files.

The previous comment referring to included a reader's comment casting doubt on the report's accuracy; the website that reader provided led to what may be a more believable analysis (see link below).

Local System is using about 25% of my CPU usage, it has only started doing this about two weeks ago.

I'm running virus scans but it is in the System32 folder so I doubt it's anything too bad.

What it boils down to is that the mysterious folder containing was left over from when the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool was run, when it should have been deleted automatically.

Microsoft tells us the folder can be deleted manually and safely.

Empfehlung allgemein: Wenn ihr system auf dem aktuellen stand ist, firewall und antivirus laufen.

Verzichten sie auf dieses update bzw entfernen sie dieses program da es in jedem fall nur unnötig mit läuft und auch arbeitsspeicher frisst.

============== So, I guess if you have trouble with Start, Search, and Notification Window buttons, look for the file, and if it didn't delete itself, maybe you should! 6 Mitglieder gaben kein Urteil ab ("bin nicht sicher"). Denken Sie immer daran ein Backup oder zumindest einen Wiederherstellungspunkt zu erstellen.

Seems like Microsoft could either fix the issue, or make the problem better known. Bei einem konkreten Problem überlegen Sie bitte, was Sie als letztes getan bzw.

auth=1 "is a part of the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool which comes with the monthly batch of windows update , the random named folder is generated when windows updates are installing, it's a temporary unpacking folder which should be removed when the installation is done (but that doesn't always happen).